Android Mobile Development Course

Our android training is aimed at building mobile development professionals

100 % placement assured training program in mobile application development

Introduction To Android

Session 1

Introduction to Android , Android Software Stack, Android SDK Features, Android Application ArchitectureFamiliarisation of the Android OS, creating UI etc.Introduction to Activities ,creating Activities,Intents.creating UI for activities.

Session 2

  • Introduction to various drawable folders and configuring the manifest file for device compatibility.
  • Creating resources in
  • Layouts, Activity Life cycle.
  • Calling one Activity from one another activity using indents.
  • Toasts,Messageboxes etc
  • Session 3

    Storing data and retrieving data from shared preferences.

    Storing data and retrieving in sqllite Db.

    Session 4

    Creating Menu Items,Action Bar.

    Session 5

    Locating a place using Google APIs

    Session 6

    Accessing the device properties like camera to store data in SD card.

    Accessing phone apps like blue tooth, whatsapp for file transmission.

    Introduction to fragments(concept)Project

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